What Are The 5 Ways To Write a Hook Sentence in an Academic Essay?

Hook sentence – an opening sentence or pair of sentences that bind the reader with your academic essay. The art of creating a hook is a vital component in the realm of essay writing. But do you know what a hook is? How can you create a hook and bind a reader with your essay? What are the 5 ways to write a hook? Most probably, you do not know the answers to these questions. However, as you are here, you will find each answer. 

Today’s post is all about explaining the ways to write a hook sentence in an academic essay. However, before moving on to the ways, let’s describe this sentence and what is its importance in an essay. So, let’s get started with today’s article with the following question. 

What is a hook sentence in an academic essay? 

A hook is an opening statement usually found at the start of an academic essay that attempts to grab the attention of the reader. A hook is usually the first one or two sentences of your academic essay. Just like you utilise bread as bait to hook the fish, this sentence or pair of sentences is used to hook the reader to the academic essay. It compels him to finish what he has started reading. 

Importance of hook in an academic essay 

  • The hook sentence engages the reader quickly so that he/she continues reading. 
  • An effective hook which grabs the attention of your teacher helps lift your grades
  • It motivates the reader about your academic essay and keeps him motivated till last 

5 ways to write a hook sentence in an academic essay 

Knowing how to write an effective hook is the most important thing. The reason is that the success of your essay is linked to the hook you develop at the start. Normally, hooks are used in 5 different ways in academic writings, like essays. A brief description of all the 5 ways, along with their examples, is as follows: 

  1. Statistic hook 

The first way of writing a hook sentence is by giving some kind of statistical information. In this kind of hook sentence, you give your audience a true and hard fact. This fact catches the reader’s attention and highlights the importance of reading the essay till the end. So, eventually, the reader reads the essay till the end. Stats are most difficult to find when writing an essay. So, if you face difficulty in this phase, you can buy essay online to see the facts.


“200,000 early deaths are caused by air pollution in the USA, says a recent MIT study.” 


  1. Quotation hook 

The second way to write a hook sentence is by starting it with a powerful quotation. However, when you are using the quotation, make sure that it is relevant to your topic of academic essay. If you are worried about how a quotation hooks your reader, then do not worry. It is not the quotation that does the trick. It is the words powerful words that grab the attention. 


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 

  1. Anecdotal hook 

The third type of hook you can use in an academic essay is the anecdotal hook. Depending on your type of essay, this hook allows you to talk about yourself. Although it is not considered good to start the essay with a first-person view, you can do it to hook the reader. This way of writing a hook sentence is mostly seen in narrative essays. 


“When I first arrived in London, I was totally nervous.” 

  1. Question hook 

A question hook is another type of hook that serves the purpose of binding the reader with your academic essay. In this type of hook, the writer of the essay poses a question at the start of the essay and tries to grab the reader’s attention. This type of hook is the most widely used one, not only in essay writing but in other forms of writing too. 


“Do you know the difference between a problem statement and a hypothesis?” 

  1. Statement hook 

Kicking off the writing process of your academic essay with a solid declaration is the last way to write a hook sentence and grab your reader’s attention. Even if the reader does not agree with your opening declaration, it will intrigue him to read more and more. Statement hooks often compel the reader to explore more about the topic as it progresses. 


“French cinema has singlehandedly shaped the modern film cinema.” 


Conclusively, these are the 5 best ways to write a hook sentence. A great hook not only grabs the attention of your reader but it builds your thesis and gives your reader an idea of what he is about to learn from this essay. As the writer of the academic essay, you can use any of the 5 ways mentioned above, depending on the needs of your essay.

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